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Custom web design, writing coaching, & online business planning for people who don't know where to start.

You want a website, and you want to work for yourself. You want to grow your audience. But you don't want to make time to do the work and you don't want to pay somebody, so make it make sense?

quit stalling and start here:

SEO Planning: How To Do a Keyword Search; Build Content

This 14-minute video shows you how to use Google, and a free service called UberSuggest to develop SEO-based content....

Part 1: Get Your Mind Right

Cut the shit. You want to start a business. Why? What inspired you to do this?...

Part 2: Product Development & Pricing

How are you going to start a business without a plan for what you're selling? How are you going to...

Part 3: Business Processes + Logistics

The core of your business planning is knowing what you will do and how you will do it. These are...

So you want custom web Design...

Nineke Creative does custom web design & MORE.

My clients get more than original website design. They get a step-by-step plan with technical know-how. clear communication, organized strategy, and fast turn around on custom web design plus copy writing help included. No BS. No GAMES. 

I'm Ruth Nineke &
This Is My Job.

Nineke Creative is a boutique digital agency specializing in custom web design, writing, editing, and self-publishing for passionate women with drive. This is a 1-woman show, started by a writer. Service rates are fair and non-negotiable. If you don’t have real goals or real money, pass. DO NOT FUCK ABOUT WITH ME BECAUSE I DO NOT FUCK ABOUT WITH MY WORK.

"I just want a simple website"

Take your basic ass to fiver and leave me alone. I only work with  PASSIONATE & SERIOUS people. 

How It Works

First, you commit to your idea. Then, I tell you how we can achieve it. You can book a 1-hour consult call to pick my brain. Ask me ANYTHING! 

Or you can subscribe to my Business Membership for an exclusive library of DIY business planning, web design, and marketing guides. 

Or you can skip the bullshit (my personal fave!) and purchase a custom web design package with hosting – where I build your website in under a month for less than $1000.

Every project begins with a conversation. If you’re serious, start it off. Otherwise, do not bother me.

What the Clients Say:

Nineke is super helpful, resourceful, and sweet. She brought my website vision to life in a short amount of time! She walked me through the entire process, showed me how to update it myself, and answered all of my questions thoroughly.


Ruth is an absolute pleasure to work with, shines with professionalism from front to back, and takes all the time you need to explain the simple as well as the complex. 

eo120 entertainment

Very pleasant experience and great help! Bought my vision to life and glad we worked together! 10 out of 10 experience.


I recommend everyone I know who needs a website or business development to Ruth! Very pleased with her services!

Canine Coach Mike


Life is for a limited time only, FYI. You deserve to reach your max potential before your number’s punched.

How To Make Money Online

To make money online you need: work ethic + product + payment method.


How can we adapt our own strategies (with limited budgets) to the new COVID world, where potential customers are harder to reach online?

How To Hire A Freelancer

Your freelancer is a HUGE part of your future sales. Have respect for their time, their knowledge. If you could do what they did, you wouldn't need them.

Adapt Your Pricing

PayPal and WooCommerce have increased their payment processing fees. What does that mean for you?

How Often Should You Post?

how often should you post? "right now and more than zero."


You want custom web design. You want a blog and a store, you want a business, you want to write a book, you want to quit your job and become an influencer… I’ve seen it all in my DMs.

If you really mean it, the membership is for you: Detailed articles and videos to guide you through every step of getting your goals. Don’t bother me in the DMs. Get the membership and get after your dreams.