Blurb is the self-publishing platform all writers deserve. The Blurb website easily guides you through how to self-publish.

originally posted: November 5, 2023

Want To Selfpublish?

If you want to self-publish your book, I recommend you go with Blurb. Blurb is the self-publishing platform all writers deserve. Having written and self-published seven titles in the decade – through and CreateSpace – I have the experience to back that claim.

So you’re a writer. You’re part of #writingcommunity on Twitter. Your WIP is now a finished manuscript. You’ve cut, and proofed, and revised. Maybe you even bartered with, or paid, an experienced editor to proofread your book. And you found a graphic designer to make the cover of your dreams too!

You’re bold, confident, and determined to be an independent author. But where to begin? With so many self-publishing options, how do you know which is the best?

Amazon is the largest digital marketplace in the world. Does make sense to publish your book via their CreateSpace imprint. But also offers an array of distribution options. Here’s the thing though, you don’t need the big distribution channels to sell more books. It’s a myth that making your book available on Amazon will generate more sales.

Start-to-finish, writing, publishing, and promoting your book is a marathon. The publishing part – the logistics and business side of things – is dramatically easier with Blurb. Let me tell you why.

5 Reasons You Should Self-Publish with Blurb Books:

1) The company was started by a woman.

This matters because of the differences in thought patterns between male and female brains. A fresh perspective, in a leadership role as relates to the business of creative arts and self-publishing – in these changing times – is welcomed!

2) The company has less than 200 employees.

Blurb is a relatively small self-publishing business that has produced some 14 million books to date. Amazon is a hyper-capitalist consumer monolith that, as of July 2019, still has an unresolved labor condition problem.

Amazon doesn’t value its employees. It doesn’t deserve your art, or a single cent from the sale of your work.

3) Blurb doesn’t make any commission off your self-published direct book sales.

Authors simply make more royalties at Blurb. Submitting your book to the global retail network can potentially cut into your royalties because Amazon and crew will want their wholesale “discounts.”

For an independent author these discounts are akin to the Mafia charging local stores a protection fee for not setting their stores on fire.

4) Blurb offers variety.

You can self-publish your trade-size paperback, hardcover, color-printed photo books on coated paper, and magazines with Blurb. It’s a true resource for the passionate communicative creative who believes in the manifestation of their artistic vision.

5) Blurb’s design is modern and smooth.

The UX is efficient. Some links need to be easier to find – like the book size calculator. Overall the site is dramatically easy to navigate. And the upload/publishing process is less than two minutes long.

The Blurb website easily guides you through how to self-publish. As opposed to CreateSpace and Lulu’s hectic processes, and outdated interfaces that can intimidate and overwhelm first time, and even experienced authors/book-publishers.

You’ve very likely put an unquantifiable amount of brain power, heart, and work into writing your book. And you’ve got the guts enough to go ahead and self-publish.

You deserve options. You deserve better margins, that give you more royalties for your creation, and allow you to reasonably price your work, so that its more likely to be bought.

Ultimately the success of your independent, self-published book depends on your efforts, or those of your designated digital marketer. There are abundant resources available to help you promote your book. You put in the work, you’ll make the sales.

Blurb makes it just that much easier, and more promising to self-publish your book.

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