I found this list of “high performer” traits by Matt Gray on LinkedIn and it reinforced my confidnce.

originally posted: November 4, 2023

I recently found this list about “High Performers” by Matt Gray on LinkedIn, and I love it! It’s reinforced my confidence and motivation toward my work.

I also love making custom website designs, so I’m constantly seeking opportunities across social media. LinkedIn is a valuable resource for promoting myself, and finding inspiration too! I summarized Matt’s list below:

8 Traits of High Performers:

1. Grit – The ability to persist through obstacles; strength to bounce back from failure; tenacity to keep pushing, no matter the challenge 

2. Relentless Resourcefulness – Finding a way no matter how “impossible” it seems;  innovative problem solvers; having the conviction that there’s always a solution;  find a path around any obstacle.

3. Optimism – People who see “roadblocks” as stepping stones to success; electrifying and infectious energy. 

4. Constant Learning – People who stay curious and hungry, seek feedback, expand their skills, 

5. Not Being an Asshole – People who show empathy, collaborate well, treat others with respect

6. Fun to Be Around – Positive energy; sense of humor; make work feel like play.

7. Growth Mindset – People obsessed with the process; embraces challenges as growth opportunities; believe that abilities and intelligence can be developed.

8. Enjoys Responsibility – Take ownership of their work; care about doing a good job.

How Do We Become High Performers?

Listen, entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody. Some people want to improve and some people want to glide. You can’t fake the funk. .

This list of “high performer” traits reinforced my already strong confidence in my abilities, work ethic, and effervescent personality.

I’ll admit, I’m (s)lacking on number 5. Could I be less of an asshole? YES! Will it take A LOT of effort? Also, YES! Am I willing to put in the effort to control my big mouth and blunt delivery for calling out fuck-shit and tom-foolery? Unlikely.

But I will take baby steps toward smiling while I shank holes into people’s pretenses.

I think the big missing piece to personal or professional success is honesty and accountability. Do you really want to perform at a high level? At a higher level than you are now? Do you want to succeed? What does success mean to you?

Are we willing to be real with ourselves, and push through our own excuses toward improving our outcomes?

Will you ask yourself tough questions, and recognize hard truths about yourself? If you want to become a high performer, you gotta be willing to take action – like booking your call with me. Let’s hash out your goals, pinpoint your blockages, and develop some consistency.

Check out the full list at LinkedIn.


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8 Traits of High Performers

I found this list of "high performer" traits by...

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