Either you show up everyday (with your content) or you don’t…choose your vibe be consistent.

originally posted: May 31, 2019


The key to digital content success – over time – is consistency. If you’re not posting every single day, at least get it done every other day. Planning ahead and giving some thought to your content and messaging will help save you time.

People think there’s a cheat code to this online business stuff. There isn’t. Either you show up everyday (with your content) or you don’t.

Find Your Vibe & Make A Plan

The trick to creating content is to choose the vibe for your business, and share things that make that vibe clear to others.

Before you even begin creating digital content for your brand, make a plan. Identify distinct goals. Do you want more followers? Why? What do you want your followers to do? Who exactly is your audience? What is your brand aesthetic? Past colors, what kind of emotion do you want your imagery to invoke? What is your brand voice? How do you want your brand to be perceived in your copy (captions)? Once you’ve figured all that out, use the summary study of  content creation methods below to start repping your brand online.


Take more photos of your business processes, products, and of yourself. The more photos you take, the better quality photos you’ll take.  The internet is full of re-blogged, re-pinned, and re-posted photos. Use as much as you want, but you should still mix your own brand imagery in with the pics you swiped from Pinterest, even if it’s just your logo or occasional selfie.

HOW TO: TAKE BETTER PHOTOS (click for a guide to taking photos that don’t suck.)

Always try to use hi-res images. As in MORE pixels by MORE pixels. Figure out how to adjust the settings in your phone’s camera, and start taking photos at the largest height x width. Large photos take up more space, but they can always be resized and maintain quality. Re-sized small photos always look like shit. Just because you’re handling content yourself doesn’t mean it needs to look like it.


Get to the point. What do you want people to do when they see your content? Short answer? Your caption should tell them how to do what you want them to. Say it nicely, with as few words as possible. At least in the beginning. Look, you’re probably not clever or funny, or much of a wordsmith either.

As you become familiar with the content creation process you’ll get better at writing captions in your brand voice. Then, you’ll be able to craft better, longer, and more engaging captions. Also, you’re probably thinking too hard about what to say because you’re concerned how people will read it.

Reality check: Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter. When you’re just starting out, your online audience & market isn’t solidified. You have room for error and embarrassment. Use it. Experiment with your short captions until you find your groove and tone.

3. Step it Up With Audio Visual Content

If your business process and brand has a creative or informative aspect, capitalize on this by making videos or starting a podcast. Talking to your audience creates a personal connection that builds trust. And video content has been proven to be more stimulating, thus engaging and shareable, than static image content.

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