For the small business DIY website, ShopEngine & ElementsKit make customizing WooCommerce product pages simple.

Guess what? I build websites using templates (and a combination of code, depending on who needs what done, where).

You wanna know something else? I use templates because they’re easy and simple. And I like to keep my builds as easy and simple as possible so my clients can manage their websites & stores own their own – as easily as possible.

One of the biggest game changers for me is the ShopEngine template builder from ElemntsKit. It lets you customize the design of shop pages in a WooCommerce site – without having to copy files to your child theme folder.

If you’re a small business owner with a DIY website – “child theme folder” might mean very little to you. All you need to know is ShopEngine & ElementsKit make customizing WooCommerce product pages, and shop design simple.

Here’s a quick run-down for setting up the plug-in and customizing a Single Product template. Spoiler alert: Add new plug-in 👉🏽 install 👉🏽 activate 👉🏽 check all boxes 👉🏽 Go!


PART 2: A Live Action, Drag + Drop

For the full step-by-step on installing WordPress and WooCommerce, and setting up your plug-ins and products, check the PDFs.

(Members get access to full video tutorials 😎)


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