Write what you like most about your business, and go from there.

originally posted: May 29, 2019


If you have a website, you have an online business. If you’re not running a blog on your website you’re wasting the opportunity to drive new business leads right to your inbox. Plus the potential ad revenue earnings you could make as your traffic increases.

How to make your blog make you money? 

Go off and show off! Share your knowledge, and expertise. Parade your skills and talents on full display. And include contact forms and CTAs that make it easy for incoming leads to reach you. 

A lot of business owners get psyched out by the idea of starting a blog. And even when they do, many lose steam and never pick it back up again. 


And that’s OKAY. Writing is already hard for some people, and it only gets harder when you pressure yourself to produce something incredible.

When starting your business blog, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and continually put it off. But don’t.

Your content and style will take time to mature. Don’t compare your first attempts to any blogs you’ve come across online. Give yourself room to find your flow. Know that the more you post, the easier it will become.

Below, a list of easy & important steps to writing blogs for your business.


No-duh, right? 

But people ask me all time… “What should I blog about?”

Thinking about what you “should” write only adds more pressure and stress, and you’re probably already stressed out enough just by being alive.

Pressure & stress are not friends of good writing. 

Passion is writing’s best bedmate, so start with what excites you about your business. 

And if you get stuck-stuck, hire a professional (Me).


If you’re stuck for topics, a good starting point is to break down the elements of your business.

Do you offer services? Do you create products? Why do people need your services? What’s your favorite part of creating your products? What makes your products extra unique? How do your services vary? How can your services positively impact people?

How many ways can you pull out topics from what you do? Speak on it! Start with 12 so you have at one blog post for every month of the year.


Write whatever comes to your mind. Don’t worry about making it sound clever, or persuasive. You can edit afterwards. If you’re still getting psyched out, try literally speaking on it. Open the voice memo on your phone, and talk about your ideas. Make as many notes and voice memos as it takes until you start feeling the flow, and comfortable with your own voice & style.


Literally, what is the point of your post? The point is the core subject matter, the message you are sharing… as in “get to the point.” The point is what you’re talking/writing about. Is this explicit? Is this obvious? Make it abundantly clear. Like this post is about how to write blogs. You get that, right? 

The purpose of your blog post is the reason you’re writing it. You want your blog to achieve something. The underlying function of every digital post is obviously to drive and encourage revenue growth.

Make your blog work for you.

But how is a site visitor going to go from reading your blog to immediately handing over their money? 

Short answer: they’re not. 

So the purpose of your blog post is to create connections between you & your readers.

First, you want an emotional or mental connection. Impress them with your creativity, intelligence, and/or humor. Your blog posts need to entertain/inform. But don’t stop there.

After you get your clever, smart and funny writing voice down, make sure to seal the deal and close your blog post with a question. Using questions in your writing encourage, at the very least, a mental response from readers.


Behold, the number one technical writing tip everyone severely needs:


You’re using eleven words, you could use eight. It’s that simple. We all have internet ADHD. You need to make your point as swiftly as possible. If you’re not a clever, gifted writer like me, you don’t have the time or room to get lost in excessive language. 

Proof-read and re-read your blogs. Read them out loud. TAKE OUT THE EXTRA WORDS. Split long paragraphs in two, or three. Make it tight, then make it tighter.


The more you write, you will find your voice – the tone and messaging that represents your business. You can also choose a voice: Do you want to be sassy and blunt? Do you want to be cute and sweet? Do you want to be far out and hippy? Do you want to be elitist and pretentious? Go for it!

Set the tone for your work by choosing your brand voice keywords (separate from your SEO keywords). Choose words to match your brand identity, and words you like to use. Then, save Thesaurus.com to your Bookmarks bar, and get into the habit for finding similar/replacement words for what you’re trying to say.


The easiest way to make sure you have content throughout the year, is by making a posting schedule, and setting aside the time to get in there and work on your ideas.

The key to blogging success is consistency. Keep blogging once you start. 

Ready to stop pretending you’re gonna start a blog and put work into it? Cool. Hire me. I’m a professional.

Be serious. Book Your consult Today.



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