Become the hero of your own life. Unpack the narratives you believe and rewire them, by any means necessary. I use music.

Most of the things we believe about ourselves and about life are messages that were programmed into us from a young age.

Everything else we’ve added onto the narrative.

The idea is either we get a good story and we thrive or we get shitty stories from shitty caretakers who themselves could never thrive.

Calling ♠️s It literally is what it is.

But listen, everyone does the best with what they have where they are.

WE are in 2022 and we have more tools and knowledge readily available to us than our parents and their parents did.

WE can choose to try and develop better characters and stronger skills for being human.

WE can choose to believe in ourselves, and to commit to our own self improvement.

WE can choose to explore our talents, to pursue our passions, to expand on our potential.

It’s probably the very best time in the history of humanity for the individual to be selfish asf and to become their own hero.

Enjoy this playlist:


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