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Payment Options For Passionate People

Start Your Payment Plan

Payment plans are available for any creative small business or woman, or woman-identifying writer. Please e-mail directly to be considered.

All you have to do is use the contact form and email me directly with TWO things:

  1. What your ideal payment plan schedule looks like? How much would you like to pay for your website design, and how often would you like to pay for it.
  2. What exactly would you like your website to include, and what exactly is your purpose for the website? Be as detailed and clear as possible. If you’re passionate about your goal this should be the easiest part.

When you become a client, we will be in communication at your pace. You will have my direct email and my phone number. You are encouraged to text and write often and ask for what you want. I will work with you as long as you remain committed and engaged with your project. See below for full details.

Terms & Conditions for Payment Plans

Once you e-mail your payment plan request, I’ll reply with any further questions and to set up a call time that works for you. This call will be 10 minutes max. After our call, you will receive a payment plan agreement PDF outlining the terms you requested, and the details of your website project in your own words – based on the first email you sent.

A $95 deposit is required to begin your website payment plan. This is non-refundable. All payments made through this website are non-refundable.

28 days from your initial deposit, you will be e-mailed a custom Stripe payment link for your payment plan amount. This link will be set to recurring, your card information will be stored, and you will be billed monthly for the amount agreed upon.

If you need to pause or even cancel your project, send a text BEFORE your due date. And recurring payments will be paused. Previous payments will NOT be refunded, and your website will go offline. It won’t be deleted, but it will come back online when you’re able to resume payments.

Have questions?