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This website is an information resource for creative entrepreneurs. If you feel like plagiarizing the content here, I’m not gonna fight you. The idea is to spread knowledge, so whatever.

Nineke Creative Consulting provides consulting, design, business, marketing and educational services for a fee. Nineke Creative Consulting collects payment fees through this website.


By submitting payment to Nineke Creative Consulting or Nineke Publishing through this website you agree not to request a refund through any financial institution, or otherwise seek punitive or financial actions against Nineke Creative Consulting or Nineke Publishing.

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In the event of potential lost data, or a cyber security breach Nineke Creative Consulting maintains zero liability for issues originating from software providers. If they go down, chances are I’m suffering too.

Paid Subscriptions

Paid Subscriptions include access to in-depth articles, videos, and detailed how-to guides on design, freelance, marketing, writing, website maintenance, product development, business practices and more.

Paid Subscriptions also receive exclusive digital resources for download via e-mail, and discounted rates on web design and marketing services.

Web Design, Marketing, Writing Services

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (30% – 50%) is required on every design, marketing, content, and writing project by Nineke Creative Consulting.

SALE items are paid up-front in full.

All rates are non-negotiable because everyone deserves to be fairly compensated for their time, and a living wage is more than $15/hr. Don’t be disrespectful; this isn’t up for discussion.

Split payment plans are available to every one. If you got a dollar and a dream you can work with me.

Late Payment Policy

A 15% late fee may be applied to outstanding invoices after 2 weeks. Don’t be dodgy about it and we’ll get along fine.

Cancellation Policy

Clients can cancel a project at any point in time. Clients can also pause a project and resume later. There are no cancellation fees, because sometimes things happen. Deposits for cancelled projects are non-refundable. Don’t @ me.

NO Refund Policy

Payments submitted to Nineke Creative Consulting through this website ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. Do NOT submit payment through this website and then change your mind. By submitting any payments on this website you agree to the NO REFUND Policy maintained by Nineke Creative Consulting.

This is my job. I don’t play games about it, and you shouldn’t play games with me.

Privacy Policy

This website uses 3rd party software that gathers personal information like name, address, email address, payment information, etc in order to process payments or deliver digital goods.

This website is encrypted with SSL certificate to ensure safe processing of private information.

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Nineke Creative Consulting will never sell your personal contact information, name, or email addresses.

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