Extreme. Neurotic. Obsessive. Detail.

How are you going to start a business without a plan for what you’re selling?

How are you going to sell, and deliver, something you can’t clearly describe?

Let’s cut the shit, and develop our products.

Grab some notepaper, and a pen, and let’s sit down together and write about your products and services. Let’s figure out why you’re selling what you’re selling and why anybody should buy it.

Personally, my philosophy is that you have to write out every part of your business. You know, like a business plan. YOU have to do it.

No one else should write your business plan for you, and here’s why:

Your business plan is the manifesto, map, and playbook FOR YOU to run YOUR business.

Why would you run your business according to someone else’s ideas or visions? 

You can definitely hire me, or anyone with experience, to help you put together your business plan. But the words and ideas have to be your own. Because they need to be embedded into your head and heart and the actions you take daily to grow YOUR own business.

I want you to succeed, but if you haven’t done the pre-planning, it ain’t on me. It ain’t my business, ya dig?

Okay bestie, let’s get back to your products…

Product Development In 3 Parts

  1. Basics – Write down a list of every product/service you plan to offer and WHY you chose them. My advice is to start with 3 or 4 main services. Or 3/4 categories of products. Write down each service, and WHY you chose them.What about the items you’re selling appeals TO YOU?


    Have confidence in knowing there’s no wrong answer. These are YOUR reasons. You never have to share them with anyone if you don’t want to.

    The exercise of writing down why you chose your products (and reading your own words aloud, back to yourself) will

    make your business idea more real and tangible than any over priced branding kit.

    AND it helps you stay connected to a core part of your business. Do not skip the WHY.

    For example, if you sell clothing, start on 3 similar types. Let’s say pajamas, underwear, loungewear. Then write down why you chose these. Or, if you do graphic design and you’re focusing on branding kits, social media headers, and logo design – write down WHY. What do you personally like about creating these?

    If you start out with 9 different things to sell it can get hectic fast. And you might get tired, overwhelmed, and quit. I’ve seen it happen too many times. Especially if you’re a service business.

    At the start keep your “catalog” simple and small. If something doesn’t sell well, or if you find you’ve lost joy for it, you can cut it and sub in another product you wanted to try.

  2. Benefits – HOW exactly do your products benefit the buyer? WHY is your business the best option for getting this product when a buyer can get the same exact thing almost anywhere else.Think through your answers, and WRITE it out, and put your ideas down on paper.

    You have to give language to your catalog because words will actually be a part of your marketing strategy. When you can describe your products and services in your own words, you’ll be able to do it better, faster, and more often. When you can discuss your products clearly, confidently, and smoothly you’ll promote them better.

    Sit down and write out WHY each and every single product in your catalog is something worth buying. Explain what it gives to the buyer, and consider the emotional connection that exists between your products and your buyers.

    How can/should they feel after purchasing with you? How do you want them to feel?

  3. Details – Create extremely obsessive, neurotic, hyper-detailed product descriptions.

    First of all, if you aren’t extremely obsessed with your business and your products get the fuck out the game right now.

    It shouldn’t be challenging for you to describe your services or products with obsessive attention to detail. You should be thinking about your business so often that you’re talking to yourself about it almost all the time. Otherwise you’re just phoning it in for a quick buck. And if you’re not serious about a thing, why even fucking bother?

    It’s one thing if you don’t feel like a good writer. That’s fine. Not everybody is. But use your words anyway. If you’re really struggling to write about your products or services, hit the voice memo on your phone and freestyle it. Then transcribe your recording.

    Here’s the thing though, doing a one shot session on your product descriptions is not going to cut it. Talk it out, write down what you said, rewrite it. Rewrite it again. Read it out loud, rewrite it again.

    Talk about more than the cut, color, size, or shape of your inventory. Explain more than “I make websites.” Get into THE DETAILS. Paint a picture. Tell a story. Make it romantic. Make it emotional. SELL IT.

    Then POST those descriptions on your website, and in your product pages.

Here’s the thing, product development and putting down the words is going to take up time in your day. Get over it. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t avoid it. Your dedication to the details will pay off.

The rewriting process will give you confidence. The extent of your details will show site visitors that you’re committed to what you’re doing. And you are committed right? Like you started a business for it to grow, right? So make the time to sow the seeds.


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