Custom Blog Design & Layout

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Custom Blog Design

Use your blog to showcase your expertise and knowledge, document your small business journey, or share your inspirations.

Your blog should inspire visitors to buy from you or hire you. Blogs are also a great source of passive income, if you update them regularly and have affiliate advertising set-up.

Blogs by Nineke Creative include:

  • WordPress installation
  • Standard Legal Privacy Policy
  • Direct Contact Form
  • E-mail Subscriber Form
  • Website Walk-Through (with Video link)
  • Follow-up Website Walk-Through Call



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Custom Blog Design is priced at $600. A non-refundable 50% deposit ($300) is required to begin.

To book Nineke Creative for this project, enter code: DEPOSIT50 at check out, and pay $300. DEPOSIT CODES DON’T APPLY TO SALE ITEMS.

After payment is processed Nineke Publishing will contact you to schedule a call. YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL.

Websites projects are built exclusively in WordPress, and include e-mail subscription sign-up.

Every client receives a project welcome e-mail with resources to select the colors, fonts, and imagery that best match their tastes and represent their business. Within 7 days, Nineke Creative delivers a rough draft of the web design, minus full functionality. The draft design is a preview of what the finished website will resemble. Clients are advised to review the look, share it with friends and family, and take a few days to decide what they like and what they don’t. Clients are limited to a maximum of THREE (3) major revisions. Excessive, last minute changes will be billed at a rate of 9% (of project fee) PER CHANGE. Once final revisions are approved, and final payment is made, clients receive a Video guide to their website along with a follow-up call to walk through the Video and go over any questions.

Once blog design is completed, client agrees to be pay remaining $300 balance (plus 4% payment processing fee) via PayPal within 30 days. Client may adjust/extend payment schedule. Please use the contact form for any questions.

Additional information


Google Analytics Set-up, E-mail Subscriber Form, Bookings Form, Affiliate Links & Advertising

Terms & Conditions: Products and services are listed at their full price. Enter DEPOSIT code for design + marketing services at checkout.  All sales are final and deposits are non-refundable. Projects are billed on client’s individual payment schedule. Read full Nineke Creative Terms here.