how often should you post? "right now and more than zero."

Post to social media everyday

If you’re not posting to social at all, the answer to when and how often should you post, is “right now and every hour.” At the very minimum you should post once a day.

Make a Social Strategy

If you don’t know what to post, ask yourself exactly what you want people to think when they see your account? Then, find images that match that idea, and write a sentence or two that link the idea and the image to your brand.

Instagram & Facebook

Use Instagram and Facebook to post content with feels. These platforms are full of passive users who want to be entertained or moved. They’re always online. A good starting point is to post photos twice daily. With Facebook’s Creator Studio, you can schedule both your Instagram and Facebook Pages. So setting up 6 to 12 posts a day can dramatically increase your engagement. Your future social media manager should produce your content in bulk – with AT LEAST 60 to 100 images & captions organized at a time, ready to be scheduled for peak delivery. Me, I am your future social media manage. Hit me!


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